Internet of Thing (IoT)

Oct 17, 2018

Initially we started to gather data around the office to find trends and to see if we can save money on air conditioning as well as giving us a environment where we can test the accuracy of the devices we are using. Barring a few setup problems, the multiple sensors consistently sent data to a single table in BQ.

Another aim of this project was to make a single point of entry for all data to contribute to a larger data set. The point of that is the more data we have the better prediction we can make. If the devices being tested could record and send data in an accurate, precise and efficient way then this would give us the ability to record data on a mass scale compared to what we are achieving now. This is only the preliminary field test of the devices and on success much further testing would be done.

The tools used are IoT core for the software and the hardware is Arduino Feather ESP32 with a DHT22 sensor.

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