Illegal Merchandise

Brand Bot

Have you ever wondered how we can use technology to help protect our brand from infringement from a legal perspective? Have you ever searched the web to discover the innumerous fake Greenpeace merchandise being sold online without any implication?

These are the leading questions behind this month’s TechLab show and tell. This month we will be detecting online marketplaces that could be selling fake merchandise.

The goal?

We want to issue legal requests to suppliers and marketplaces in order to take down the determined fake merchandise.

How will we do this?

We will be using technology used by hackers within a legal format to discover sites that sell our fake Greenpeace merchandise and to issue a request to take the fake merchandise down.

In this show and tell, we are going to show how to deploy bots in a serverless environment in the cloud. With the help of techniques such as screen scraping we can detect illegal merchandise. We will also touch on how we can safely use these techniques without being discovered.