Corporate Commitments Platform

Corporate Commitments Platform

Jul 19, 2018

For this platform to really succeed we aimed to adapt to any user input or feedback that we receive as ultimately it will be the user who will have to navigate the site. So user-friendliness is our aim here.

The website is centralised around two main ideas – targets and commitments. Originally we began working on a commitment-orientated platform, whereby we were logging all corporate and governmental commitments that Greenpeace have helped to solidify. We considered making a web interface that focused on all commitments. In theory, this worked, however we then thought that the main focus of this project was to follow up and track who had committed to these pledges –leading us to focus on a more target-orientated platform. Ultimately the website is aimed to minimise workload but the essence of the website is focused on chasing up on corporations and governments etc to track and record whether they have followed through on their past commitments.

Following this thought process, we then overhauled the whole platform to make it more target-centric.

This is great as a manager, or more specifically a new manager who has taken over a team, has seen that there was a commitment logged let’s say, five years ago and its deadline is due the year they begin. This new manager can look into the target page, click on the commitment made a few years ago when they were not head of a campaign and see all of the relevant documentation and details. It saves a lot of time and also acts as an archive for all relevant records, which will avoid their loss into the abyss.

So let’s say you are a head of a campaign, or in charge of a certain pledge and you want to log it on the page to better organize and visualize the work that you and your team have done to date. If you are on the homepage and you see that there are no commitments attached to Samsung, you must create a new target page. You then head to Register Target page and enter all relevant information there.

Ultimately this is not just another administrative nightmare but a very beneficial organisational tool.

  • Jack and the Cliodhna