Google Chatbot


The tech: Dialogflow, Google Chat, BigQuery

Building a chatbot can be difficult in parsing the understanding of human conversations, where we say one thing but mean the other, is still an art lost on computers application, a domain-specific bot is the closest thing we can build.

There are scenarios where a user wants to have a conversation involving multiple topics. For example when I want to take a vacation, I first want to query for how many days I have left, and when others in my team has taken vacations before booking my own. Or how to change a password then if it’s necessary to open a support ticket and how quickly you can get support.

These scenarios using traditional Natural language understanding (NLU) has always been a painful part while building a chatbot. How do you make sure your bot is actually understanding what the user says, and parsing their requests correctly? Well, here’s where DialogFlow comes in and fills the gap.

TechLab will show how you can easily create a chatbot yourselves from scratch with Dialogflow and connect the chatbot to your website, mobile app, the Google assistant, Facebook, Twitter, Skype.